Sport, fitness and… elegance!

“Winter is coming” according to Jon Snow. Almost everyone is back from holiday, in some days the schools are going to re-open their gates after the summer break, offices in this period are the saddest places on earth, being full of sobbing, desolate people distracted by the memory of their trips and travels.

To lessen the stress and get through this tough part of the year, to re-start smiling, to feel better in every sense, preserving the relaxing sensations of holidays in both mind and body, sport and fitness can be helpful. They can refill us with energy and increase our enthusiasm for being back to the daily grind. Just don’t forget to “Be elegant”, as Darjeeling reminds to everybody with their last advertising campaign.

Some months ago Darjeeling launchs a humorous advertising campaign. The sportwear brand wants to share with all their customers and potential clients some simple advice: “Be elegant”. Obviously they mean to suggest that their target-clients dress properly, with confortable but also fashionable and cool sport clothes. But the advertising headline doesn’t stop there.

“Be elegant, because sport isn’t always” is the ironic message of Darjeeling, a suggestion made clearer thanks to the three different visuals of the advertising campaign, all of them picturing a person in the process of doing some awfull, odd and pretty inelegant sport exercise, a movement no one could be proud of. 🙁

Darjeeling - advertising campaign

It seems that in Darjeeling opinion with their sport items that people can distract others and avoid being laughed at… Possibly, maybe… I’m really not sure… but my desire for fitness – that was really low, I have to admit – suddenly almost vanished… Now I’m thinking of reading a good book, instead, aren’t you?

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