Creativity would be better without fake briefs

Recently, School of Thoughts has launched a new advertising campaign as absurd as it isextremely captivating to promote their professional course to work in the advertising industry and at the same time to brutally react to some useless practices really popular in this market.
Are you curious? Have a look! 🙂

The School of Thoughts campaign uses irony in a very sharp and gory way. The aim of the initiative is in fact to complain and encourage a reflection about the abuse of fake briefs to teach creativity and other subjects related to the advertising industry.
The result is a visual that looks absolutely identical to a portfolio factsheet with some images of a direct marketing action and the campaign’s descriptions divided into three main paragraphs: task, idea and results.

So far so good, but watching more carefully the visual, and reading through the text, terror before and amused astonishment a bit later are the emotions that a normal viewer can feel.

School of thoughts - advertising campaign

As you can see, the campain is about “Dr Grach medical practice” and the direct marketing strategy consists of stabbing people in the streets with a knife. But don’t worry, the knife used for the campaign was personalised with the clinic name and a qr-code with the contact details so the victim could “easily” phone and get help or simply reach the medical practice building. Despite this detail, unfortunately, the results are expressed with enthusiasm but they are not so comforting because just 30% of lifes were saved.

I don’t know if it was the same for you, but arriving at the School of Thoughts trademark and headline was somewhat of a relief, even if the rest of me was completely amused and positively surprised. Anyway, I utterly agree with the campaign, what about you?

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