Playing noughts and crosses with dinner [Daiya]

It could happen to everyone to be completely irresolute about dinner, to not be able to decide between spending an evening out with some friends in a cool restaurant or just playing couch-potato in front of the telly.

Playing noughts and crosses to figure it out is not necessary anymore because Daiya sushi bar seems to offer the right solution to anyone who are in that kind of evening and mood: their delivery service.

With an advertising campaign ad as minimal as it is funny, Daiya sushi bar has launched their delivery service. The three visuals of the print campaign depict three different noughts and crosses patterns: car against sofa, heels against flip-flops, suit against underpants. In any case the winner is lazyness, but the Japanese dinner is assured by Daiya, don’t worry! 😉

Daiya sushi bar - advertising campaign

A very creative way to focus on the pros and cons of delivery service and, at the same time, the silhouettes underline the possibility to eat in too and – in my point of view – also some values of the Daiya sushi bar as the posh restaurant’s atmosphere, the quality of ingredients and the flexibility of the offer. Don’t you think?

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