Listening to a book [Penguin]

One of the latest advertising campaigns of Penguin is about their audiobooks. To promote that book series collection the brand have decided to create a multi-subject print campaign that aims to suggest a nostalgic atmophere and to talk to the children living inside every fiction-addicted reader.

Penguin’s audiobook campaign is composed of two different visuals sharing the same concept and claim. The idea consists of creating a relaxing, peacefull and positive atmosphere based on a soft childood nostalgia.

The visuals ironically show two grown man listening who seem to be respectively the father and the mother intent on reading loudly a story from a book. The main character, during the listening, takes the posture usually adopted by childrens enjoing a fairytale.

The claim “Stories the way you used to hear them” helps the viewer to properly understand the meaning of the picture so that, adding irony and causing a smile, the message of the campaign is completed.

Penguin - advertising campaign

An interesting and quite cute campaign, don’t you agree?

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