Selfish nachos from Taco Bell

In the USA, Taco Bell has launched a new product that seems to go against any trends of our sharing society: the “Grilled Stuft Nacho”. It is an enormous nacho designed with the absolute will not to be shared. Does this mean the beginning of a new era, a selfish era? Only time will tell. 😉

The Grilled Stuft Nacho looks like a giant triangle made with a crispy tortilla and filled with all the stuff customarily used to adorn, dress and add taste to a big portion of nachos made to share with friends. The uniqueness and the competitive advantage of this Taco Bell brand new product, in fact, is not in the flavour/ingredients but it is precisely in the shape, a form that completely changes the comsumption mode. Instead of a dish full of tortilla chips topped with different ingredients which each person sitting around can get their hands on and share, this time every Taco Bell client can have just one super-big crunchy nacho to completely avoid the sharing moment.

An enlightening advertising campaign has been produced then aired by Taco Bell with the aim of introducing and launching to the market their amazing new product and to give voice to every individual feeling bothered by all these sharing requests from society.

A product that probably meets the needs of a “new” slice of the market with a commercial in which the irony is sharp and smart, the rhythm catchy, the result quite funny. Good job, don’t you think?

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