Have you got the [juicy] power?

Life is full of small victories, teeny-weeny facts that can make us proud or let us gloat at least a little bit. How to celebrate these tiny achievements as exciting moments? Apparently Volvic Juicy has declared itself the drink more suitable for this purpose in launching the latest advertising campaign.

Are you happy because you eventually found the way to follow the IKEA instructions to build your wardrobe?
Are you satisfied because just for once you have not left your brand new umbrella at the first place you stopped?
Are you triumphant if you manage to arrive punctually at work using public transport?
If one of other of these little victories upgrades your day, according to Volvic Juicy it’s time to spread the news, have one of their fresh drinks to celebrate and show the world that “You’ve got the power!”, as the headline underlines.


Two commercials, two trivial situations, two amazingly funny finals with a lot of exageration, but also a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm. Surely they make every viewer think about celebrating the next small victory with a sip of their juice, or am I wrong? 😉

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