Waiting for the lunch break [McDonald’s]

One of the advertising campaigns lauched by McDonald’s this year has been focused on the return of Cajun Crispy Chicken in the UK menu of the most famous fast food in the world. The brand decided to dedicate an interesting commercial and a promotional discount to this product revival.

For the reintroduction of Cajun Crispy Chicken in the UK market, McDonald’s has found a secure way to reach out and attract the attention of clients. They decided to significantly cut the price of that line of products and, knowing that a discount isn’t ever enough, they have created a spectacular video commercial.

The creative concept is minimal, it consists of showing a state of axious waiting for the lunch break in an open-plan office. The characters look bored or starving or both, anyway desperate for a break. The advertising video is mimicking a musical. The employees make rhythmic movements for any kind of action and the point of view of the shot underlines the choreography of the scene. The chosen soundtrack gives a touch of “retrò” and “vintage” style to the atmosphere.

Impossible not to watch the commercial until the end. The simplicity and the rhythm conquer the mind of the viewer preparing it for the real message “Lunch time can’t come soon enough with the return of Cajun Crispy Chicken at McDonald’s. Only 1.99 on Mondays and Fridays part of the Delichoices range”. Have a look and tell me if it happens to you too. 😉


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