A useful boring video to watch

Arrels Fundació, an establishment created to help the homeless in any possible way, has launched a fantastic social campaign that allows them to raise awareness of the foundation and, at the same time, to fundraise money without the need to persuade people to make a donation.
How is that possible? Just keep reading to discover…! 🙂

Arrels Fundació has produced a very interesting and creative video for its fundraising campaign. Although the chosen title is The most boring viral video”, the clip is really smart and enjoyable. It takes a little more than one minute and a half to explain sharply and ironically how the foundation has planned to raise more money to help the homeless who live on the streets.
Actually, without asking people to donate money, but just their attention for 30 seconds. Watch it to understand better…


Hard to believe that the man who speaks during the video is not a professional actor because of his amazing tone of voice and his confidence in front of the camera. That voice and his words, all together with the way they use the cutting and the editing details in the short film, make the spectators unable to stop watching. As I said, smart and useful, surely not boring.
Don’t you agree? Anyway you should watch it again, just to be sure. 😉

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