Less chocolate, less discount

SureSlim, a brand that proposes a weight-loss program and needs more people to sign-up, has had a brilliant idea to attract new customers by appealing to their inner glutton . The communication tool selected to obtain this aim was a flyer, a very special one, made out of chocolate, but that – despite apearances – would help people to lose weigh. Don’t you believe me? Keep reading! 😀

SureSlim has organised a gluttonous direct marketing campaign. They have created and distributed flyers during food, health and bridal expos across South Africa with the aim to gain both awareness and more customers. The flyer in this case wasn’t the usual, banal decision, but a fantastic tool for their direct marketing campaing. The flyer, in fact, was artigianally prepared and made out of 100% pure milk chocolate.

On the special medium they impress the following message “If you are serious about losing weight, bring this delicious chocolate bar to any SureSlim branch and receive 20% off our weight-loss program” to persuade people to sign up. And what if someone couldn’t resist? They get a second chance, using whatever was left of the bar and having a proportional discount: 1% for each chocolate block that remains intact.


One flyer used as a sensational temptation: fantastic idea to attract people’s attention and curiosity, great tools to spead promotional discount without losing the perception of quality associated with the brand, brilliant message to motivate and gratify potential customers… and also to not bother the other recipients of the expos, don’t you agree?

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