A vacuum cleaner to forget bad moments

Neato Robotics has developed its latest multisubject advertising campaign to launch its robot vacuum in a really different way. The campaign “Meet Neato” consists of five videos that look more like branded contents than simple commercials, each one telling a mini-story about a not-so-happy moment of a different character.

Neato Robotics has presented its brand new product to its targets in a very entertaining way. The advertising campaign is focused in telling them five amusing stories built up to show how helpful having a vacuum robot can be – such as the one they produce – in the worst moments of life. Enjoy the viewing! 🙂


A lady during one of her “snack attacks”, a young woman in the throes of an “unexpected houseguest”, a cute hippie boy and his friends having their first “social gathering” with seaweed crisps, Grandma Kline and the lovely “glittery mess” sent from her nephew Kyle, the allergy-man coming home to his housesitter and her cats: these are the funny protagonists of Neato Robotics storytelling, each one caught in a pretty bad moment, each one survived – even if I’m not really sure about the last one – thanks to the Neato robot vacuum.

Perfect rhythm, perfect timing, these commercials are branded contents – hilarious and surely unforgettable. Have you ever had a moment like one of these? Have you got a vacuum robot in order to survive? 😉

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