Heineken and the tattoo that can save your life

Safe and cool don’t have to be contrasting adjectives, they can be compatible. It’s what Heineken has demostrated with one of their initiatives, a mix between a direct marketing campaign and an ambient marketing campaign. SafeStamp, the Heineken idea, has the aim to sensitise people about the “drink and drive” issue and to contribute to a solution with the use of technology and some creativity.

Knowing how drinking alcohol can affect people’s judgement about sobriety and lower their carefulness, expecially if connected with driving, Heineken has organised a huge campaign to show nightclub’s and discotheque’s customers their level of sobriety [or drunkenness, of course] without having to spend either a second doing a test or something else.

Instead of the normal stamp that lots of bars and pubs use to print on one hand of their customers to give them access, Heineken distributes the “SafeStamp”, a sort of smart tattoo obtained from a technology first used to test diabetes. This intelligent microchip tattoo reads the level of alchool present in the sweat and glows blue if it reachs or exceeds 0.8, the legal driving limit.


Cool, safe and cheap: a perfect way to act against the “drink and drive” problem, don’t you think?

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