Tesco meets Doraemon in Thailand

In Thailand, Tesco – with the help of Doraemon’s smiling face – has organised a campaign that looks like a mixure between an ambient marketing and a direct marketing approach. The initiative has the intention of underlining and rewarding the effort of every single person who is contributing to the improvement of Thai society.

The video below records the ambient and direct marketing campaign organised from Tesco to increase its visibility among potential Thai customers and – at the same time – reward their contribution to the environment and the society with a tiny gift that made them smile. Helped by a funny and well known character like Doraemon, Tesco has chosen an airtight cup with his shape, filled it with something to drink and used a post-it to deliver a personalised message to every person present in the street in that moment: for a police man struggling with traffic jump a motivating “Thanks for the untiring effort for the benefit of all”, for a lady sweeping up fallen leaves a kind “Thanks from the bottom of my heart”, for a group of teenagers studying in a park a cheering “Keep up the good work!”… and so on.

The touching message is delivered via drones, RC car, baloon and other various extravagant means of transport to the different people for whom the post-it has been written. Receiving the blue cup with the smiling Doraemon, nobody could stop themselves smiling and looking around to find the source of that amazing surprise.


This seems to be just the beginning of a series of initiatives that will use the hashtag #WeLoveDoraemon to distribute smiles around the country and emphasise the importance of little things and gestures in daily life. A great idea, don’t you think?

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