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Elan Languages has lauched its translation web tool by producing an amazing video, a perfect example of how a comparative advertising campaign should be. Quite obviously, Elan compared their tool with Google Translate that provides the same service and is the most used online translator on the Net. Elan’s creative concept is really convincing: watch the video and you will see! 😉

Elan Languages is presenting itself on its website as a perfect partner for translations, language courses and interpreting assignments. Other than professional translators for business purposes, Elan offers to every surfer of the Net an online service pretty similar to Google Translate. Both the tools make it possible to obtain an instant translation of a piece of vocabulary or short sentences, so it’s possible to use them to have a quick idea of some written contents in foreign languages, a suggestion for the choice of a synonym or the correct spelling of a word.

To launch its tool and improve its visibility overcoming the lack of exposure if compared with Google Translate, Elan has had a magnificent idea based on a really smart use of lateral thinking tecniques. The almost unknown brand has created a video that shows the astonishing quality of its translation tool and serves up its own results alongside those of its competitor. The idea appears even sharper and funnier because of the choice of subject to translate, a recipe of an Oriental dish, and the fact that they let some people taste it after having preparing the two versions following the traslated instruction. Watch the results yourself…


A fantastic example of a comparative advertising campaign based on letting the audience build a brand experience perception from the funny, sharp and very ironic video… It’s a pity that I couldn’t indulge my curiosity and try the tool because of some trouble with the tool script that gave me an error message! 🙁

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