Christmas and gifts at the office

Christmas is coming and with it the stressful shopping marathon to find the right gift for everyone that sometimes makes me think about spending the entire period abroad, on some desert island somewhere, far away from mall and shopping centre, the crowd in the streets and the queues to the cash desks. I really envy the USA citizen that can count on Office Depot help, at least for picking up some gift for their colleagues at the office…

The amazingly funny advertising campaign of Office Depot, in fact, suggests some fantastic gift ideas to buy for the people of the office, everyone thought through and considering the type of colleague and his/her specific behaviour. With this aim, Office Depot has produced and lauched five different commercials to describe different characters, among them: the pen-thief, the obsessive-labeler, and the death metal guy. Enjoy the video and discover the gift-ideas! 😉


With this advertising campaign surely Office Depot has succeeded in reaching their target audience and attracting their attention thanks to the sharp irony of the commercial storytelling, don’t you think?

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