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From the house’s point of view

Maybe because I’m moving my primary residence from Rome to Oxford [even if I’ll spend quite a bit of time in Italy], I’m really focused on houses, furnitures, packing etc. Anyway the advertising campaign of Nest really grabbed my attention: the creativity with which the brand has pictured and described the house’s point of view about both home automation and life inside the walls is incredible. Just have a look at the videos and tell me I’m wrong! 😉


After watching the commercials it’s impossible not to think that Nest is a genius of lateral thinking. They have created three stories from three different houses’ point of view to show their target how marvellous it is for a building to have home automation devices. And not just this.

Nevertheless it could be hard for houses to bear and support changes in furniture trends, removals, kids’ activity, not-very-good-chef attempts and so on; with those videos Nest have been capable to let people feel watched, loved and protected by their own houses just adding some little machines that take care of everything that could be dangerous or energy consuming.

Helped by a fairytale atmosphere, Nest’s commercials show empathy in an ironic, smart and sharp way that makes the viewer smile and appreciate the storytelling. Don’t you think?

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