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Glass bottles are better

Some months ago, the Glass Packaging Institute launched a really interesting social campaign.
The campaign’s headline is “Upgrade to glass” and the aim of its wonderfully structured storytelling has been to persuade people to choose glass bottles over other kinds of packaging for beer and wine consumption.

The Glass Packaging Institute has had the brilliant idea to build its campaign with three tearjerker, break-up letters, transforming them into three different commercials. According to the videos, two of the letters were written by people who fell in love with glass beer bottles, the third one from a glass wine bottle fan. So, plastic cups, cans and carton boxes found theirselves completely abandoned.

It seems clear that this is a heartbreaking social campaign. Thanks to the contents of the three letters and the pathos lent to the reading by the voiceover, the viewer would feel involved, he/she would sympathise with both, the addressee of the letter and the writer. With the first one because of the dramatic role of the abandoned lover, with the second one for a deeper reason: the viewer would agree with the writer’s position, understanding the strengths and the advantages of using glass and so the impossibility of not facing the situation and finishing the previous love story.

An engaging and fascinating social campaign, don’t you think?

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