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IKEA, a catalog or a cookbook?

After having learned – thanks to Elan – the best recipe to translate documents and other stuff online, let’s think about good recipes for interior designing. That’s IKEA’s idea behind an advertising campaign concept able to motivate people into reading the IKEA catalog/cookbook.

“Recipes for delicious kitchen” is a commercial that I hope was born to be serialised: I’d love to watch the bedrooms episode as well as the living rooms and bathroom ones. Anyway, not even considering the brand entertainment potential of this advertising campaign, the way in which IKEA has used its lateral thinking ability to build up a tutorial,which could be easily included in a real TV program related to cookery and meal preparation, is – as usual – spectacular.
Have a look at the video to appreciate the mood, the soundtrack, the rhythm of the storytelling accompanied by the very realistic images of ingredients and cooking utensils used to present the IKEA catalog as an almost-magic cookbook for houses.


It’s impossible not to notice the ability of the brand to underline, always softly and with extreme grace, values such as quality, a real care for clients needs, flexibility, attention to detail and – why not – to trends , tastes and prices… all of them topped with a huge possibility of personalising everything. A fantastic way to bring to our attention IKEA’s competitive advantage and added values, other than the useful catalog contents, don’t you think?

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