After the move, the blog’s restyling!

As I mentioned, I’ve moved my primary residence to Oxford, even though I’m keeping up with all my contacts and activities in Italy, and in Rome in particular.

Following this important change, both personal and professional, I have to support the launch of my work as a consultant abroad updating my online presence. So, here it is … the restyling of the blog, now complete with professional portfolio and lots of English content. What do you think?

I cannot deny that it took a bit more than expected, also because of the fact that I had to undertake the restyling in my free time – which is always in short supply, considering the branding jobs for my clients and the lectures – and facing various unforeseen events, but eventually I did and you are reading the result:

  • firstly a new layout, through which I am pleased to propose my usual creative concept – that we’ve all become fond of – but with an even more minimal style
  • a new organization of the blog’s contents, with many more categories to make it easier to find what interests you most
  • the inevitable English version with its own blog in which all posts are different from the Italian version [you’ll have to read them both! 😉 ]
  • much more space dedicated to my work portfolio, both in Italian and English, organized according to the activities that I do with companies and professionals from every industry [in detail, aside from accounting, this includes brand management, strategic planning, creative direction, as well as project management, content management, social media management, web architecture, audiovisual production and training]: here you can snoop around observing images and getting some details on some of the projects that I have followed so far, especially if you want to get a better idea of my skills
  • lots more content and additional features in general

You are welcome to make a tour of the new contents, maybe even rediscovering some of the old ones: comments, suggestions and feedback are – as always – appreciated. And of course, if you have a project which you think needs my professional support, perhaps because from Italy you are thinking of expanding your business in the UK [or vice versa], and you need to develop a strategic and/or communication plan, just write to me and I’ll be glad to discuss it! 😉

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