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Business cards for branding purposes

The business card is one of the first forms of communication when you meet a person in a professional context. Usually the use of such a tool is dictated by kindness and aims to enable the exchange of contacts between people that prefer not to have the trouble to memorize or write anything down, running the risk of losing or confusing the information.

Anyway, the business card can be much more than that, sometimes it becomes a tool to communicate not only the contacts but also the competitive advantage or one of the most important added values of a brand.

Business cards usually have a format that respects standard dimensions [85×55 mm] in order to allow those who receive it to be able to store it easily in the specific containers and keep their contacts in order and ready to be used. Nevertheless, without giving up the convenience, many people and companies have begun to use that tool to define, describe and create appeal around their personal brands and the values which those should interpret.

Keeping within the standard dimensions, business cards have started to narrate visually – through shapes, colours, images and materials – about businesses’ competitive advantages and added values in a pretty original way. Thanks to creative concepts and the possibility to personalise almost every kind of object and gadget, the results can me amazing.
Have a look to my image collection to understand what I mean!

An appealing way to present yourself and your company, don’t you think? And what might your next business card look like? If you’d like to have some ideas, perhaps we can think about it together. 😉

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