Jung von Matt - recruitment campaign

Using a font to find the new art director

Jung von Matt, a German advertising agency, has organized an original recruitment campaign that has allowed the brand to increase its awareness surprising the target and, at the same time, find a new art director focusing on the importance of creativity. Both goals have been reached thanks to just a font. Don’t believe me? Watch the video to find out for yourself!


Jung von Matt followed the new trend and, like many agencies, used an original and creative practice to focus on its target and be able to discover a talented professional who could suit its human resource research. So, as you have seen, a custom font was created, then the agency transformed it into a proper job advertisement and disseminated it via different portals and websites from where you can download free creative fonts.

Through this operation, Jung von Matt was certainly able to intercept its specific target: many graphics and art directors have the habit of visiting and using websites dedicated to creative font sharing for two reasons; gaining publicity and looking for new typographic ideas for their projects. The agency has made its proposal creatively stimulating for personal brands with a suitable profile for the requested professional figure and it gained visibility at no cost through word of mouth and reviews on communication related blogs.

To sum up, in just 4 weeks the agency has managed to increase its profile, as well as find its new Art Director: congratulations to Paul! Ingenious, don’t you think?

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