Opmar Optik - advertising campaign

When the glasses complete yourself

Opmar Optik, a Turkish optician, to increase its products visibility and to intrigue its potential customers, has created an advertising campaign full of great creativity that winks at the concept of personal brands.

With the slogan “Thousands of models to be yourself” and a visual of disarming simplicity, Opmar Optik communicates the importance of choosing the right accessory – in this case the glasses – to represent your own personality, to define clearly your own identity and to feel completely yourself.

It is evident that the objective of the Turkish brand is to highlight how a simple pair of glasses can “complete” those who wear them: the visual, in fact, and the sketch of a few traits that give life to the illustration of a face “labeled” as John, it appears to be altered and absolutely transformed by the addition of a pair of stylized glasses, so as to turn an anonymous John into John Lennon.

Opmar Optik - advertising campaign

This metamorphosis is further emphasized by the claim “Thousands of models to be yourself”. The bodycopy doesn’t miss the opportunity to highlight the range of glasses’ models from which everyone can choose in order to reproduce exactly the idea of him/herself that a person could want to communicate, transforming the accessory into a hallmark of his/her personality.

In this advertising campaign, the focus is on the relationship that can be built between a corporate and a personal brand in a B2C market, don’t you think?

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