Ford - adverstising campaign

Branding Evolution 2nd step: the “TO BE” era

After the 1st step of branding evolution or so called “TO HAVE” era, this post is going to continue the description of the changes that have occurred over time in the relationship among marketing, the idea of “brand” and the consumers’ role. Today I’ll show you what happens with the “TO BE” era of branding.
The Birds - advertising campaign

Branding Evolution 1st step: the “TO HAVE” era

With this post, I’d like to start a short series of micro-lessons, just to share with you my work methodology and some of the theories on which it is based. The next 4 posts are going to run through the branding evolution steps that bring to the actual conceptualisation of the relationship among marketing, the idea of “brand” and the consumers’ role. Today I’ll start describing the “TO HAVE” era of branding.
personal brand - Thinkbox TV Ad

What is “brand”? Everything can be a brand

What is “brand”? I feel the need to clarify what I mean with this word because often people tend to get confused and exchange or overlay a lot of different concepts to this specific one.
Fondation Cultura - awareness campaign

What would the world be like without culture?

Recently I bumped into two quite old advertising campaigns created by Fondation Cultura that make me laugh and reflect at the same time. With those campaigns, the foundation aimed to remind everyone how important “knowledge” is for each individual and to reach the goal they have chosen using language and words with irony and sharpness. - advertising campaign

Looking for a job? Wake up!

/, a web portal specializing in connecting demand and supply of professional services in almost every kind of sector, launched a fantastic advertising campaign in India with the surprising headline "Wake up" in order to give a metaphorical shake to its target and to induce its potential clients to improve their employment status.