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Looking for a job? Wake up!, a web portal specializing in connecting demand and supply of professional services in almost every kind of sector, launched a fantastic advertising campaign in India with the surprising headline “Wake up” in order to give a metaphorical shake to its target and to induce its potential clients to improve their employment status.

The advertising campaign consists of various 30ish second teaser videos that play on the fact that the main character, a symbol of who is looking for a job or an opportunity to improve his/her professional position, doesn’t wake up despite a series of wacky characters doing their best to arouse him. A sort of brand entertainment series with the aim of letting viewers feel the desire to force the guy awake.

The final video, instead, is three time longer and built around the surreal dialogue between the usual protagonist and his lunch: a fish in foil that makes him a telling-off about the fact that he should get a move on and truly achieve the objectives he had set long ago … absurd, but probably lots of people need a shake like this to get back on the bike and try hard to improve.

A fantastic example of nonsense fiction and advertising creativity used to build up an audiovisual branded content both funny and appealing, don’t you think?

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