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Branding Evolution 3rd step: the “TO DESIRE” era

The “TO HAVE” and “TO BE” era of branding cannot be enough in a market system that is full of competitors and in which products and services have to be very appealing to stand out. This post is going to continue the description of the changes that have occurred over time in the relationship among marketing, the “brand” concept and the consumers’ role in a third phase. Today I’ll tell you about the “TO DESIRE” era of branding.

This third “TO DESIRE” era arose when producers started caring about the needs of the target, trying to understand and anticipate them, creating goods aimed at satisfying them. It is the time when the strategic marketing – a “pull” approach, so completely different from the previous one – spreads with the aim to create offers based on the demand’s desires.

Changing the approach to marketing, the concept of brand has to be modified too and the three dimensions of “brand person” (physical + character + style) become “extraordinary”, turning into mythical elements and focusing on collective imagination and aspirations. The brand star, so dear to Séguéla, is born to answer the question “How does it make you feel?”.

As a result, the role of consumer becomes similar to that of a “fan”, a follower that has to fall in love with the product/service, that has to be satisfied and pleased to get his loyalty and repurchasing. The customers now are perceived as very important subjects because loyalty creates profits: companies organise complex data collections and measurements providing input to analyse with the aim of maximize profitability.

It is within this scenario that the idea of self brand begins to take shape. This concept is born with the maturity of consumers: the individuals start using brands to define themselves and attribute to themselves some specific characteristics.

Alessi + Longines + Fiorucci - advertising campaign

Are you curious to understand what happens in the last phase? Read my post next wednesday! 😉

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