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What has brand management to do with the design?

Design is the base of a brand as well as the construction of any complex object, either material or merely conceptual. Brand management is therefore comparable to the design of lamps or buildings even if, rather than focus solely on products, it aims to project strategies.

The professionals who are dedicated to the creation of communicative actions aimed at defining the characteristics and targets, placing in the market and/or taking care of the recognition, notoriety and visibility of a brand, necessarily have to use an appropriate design methodology. In fact, it is not enough to rely on intuition to achieve the objectives defined for a company, a product, a service or a project of any kind that you want to “transform” into a brand: it is necessary to foster a series of specific skills and a methodology adapted to these needs.

Owning a good design method allows those professionals not to start from scratch every time, but to treasure their own and others’ experiences, avoiding mistakes in the workflow and obtaining more time for the creative research of brand strategies, making sure that the plan will be very much in line with client requirements and the project characteristics. The risk that otherwise the project would run would be to be based on ideas that eventually prove complicated, difficult to implement, costly or impractical and not exactly in line with the objectives outlined, as conditioned by the randomness of their intuitions.

What do you think about that? I use Bruno Munari’s method, do you have a clear methodology to build up your brand? Next Wednesday I’m going to describe my own strategic planning and brand management method, stay tuned! 😉

Bruno Munari

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