Brand Storytelling: serialisation

Having started the conceptualisation of the storytelling of a brand creating the trademark and spreading the corporate identity, it would be time to develop the “plot” using different communication tools and strategy approach. Continue reading to understand how! 😉


If one loves a movie, one may happen to see the same film several times, the same as if one is passionate about a series and cannot miss even one episode. Serial contents have narrative structures able to stimulate curiosity and attract – if well structured – the viewer’s loyalty. For brand storytelling it’s the same: the consumer, after having been seduced, should not be abandoned, but constantly stimulated and intrigued with new contents that can maintain interest.

This objective is achievable, for example, by creating a blog and using social networking tools to give visibility to the brand while building a continuous feedback system with its stakeholders. The blog, through its continuous updating, allows one to structure storytelling as a continuous narrative, with each “episode” giving readers new information, reports, reflections and insights of their initiatives, but also news about changes and trends in its sector.

The blog is an instrument well suited to act as the core to the story of any organization, enriched by content on other social media [eg. YouTube videos, presentations from Slideshare, publications from Issuu …] and having the opportunity to share content through social networks [eg. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest …]. Such media placement makes the narrative more transparent because, thanks to the interaction related to the possibility for users to make comments and opinions, it guarantees the ability to turn the monologue into a dialogue.

Another way to make a continuous narrative of a business is by creating a house organ, a publication/magazine – digital if you want to stay connected to the web, paper if you need to reach those less accustomed to the use of the network and technology – that takes care of the organization’s life and issues connected to this [even as a spin-off of the corporate blog]. The design and distribution of a brand closely tied to the magazine can be a good institutional vehicle to get your story to the most illustrious users or positions in other organizations.

Interested in this subject? Read how to continue the development of a brand in next Wednesday’s post!

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