Brand Storytelling: view and experience

Everything related to a brand contributes to its storytelling, being unavoidably part of the plot and its development. Today’s focus is on visual and immersive tools and approaches that can be used to spread and update the tale narrated by a brand. Keep reading if you want to know more! 😉


Style is as important as substance. Great weight, therefore, rests with the graphic and audiovisual content. Videos, in particular, are a very useful tool for storytelling because they can transmit more immediate understanding of their message, which will have the support of moving images and sound – perhaps including an evocative soundtrack – ensuring a rhythm to the vision that is consistent with the characteristics of the message.

The story in pictures certainly gives more appeal to content: a video, a graphic artwork, a photograph can be very explanatory and capture the attention of its interlocutors at events, fairs, meetings, corporate training sessions [video-tutorials are always much appreciated] … in addition to being valuable material for each company archive. Also, this type of material can be easily shared and distributed through the upload of specific platforms [for example on its corporate blog].


The brand experience is still one of the essential forms of storytelling: the direct sharing of experiences alone can greatly influence the perception related to a product, a service or a communicative artifact.
Starting with events – the creation of “community in the presence” variously structured – organising an opportunity for direct contact becomes a storytelling tool, as well as business tools. From the mere presence of the brand on institutional material to the preparation of stands and conference talks, as well as direct mailing initiatives or the catering, each event corresponds to an experience of the brand that supports it and interprets its universe of values.

The same happens for every location that may represent the brand, an office [for those involved in B2B] as well as a store [for those who are part of the Consumer market], the venue in which one meets the potential target is one of the most important showcases. So, as we know, when one meets somebody new, the first thing noticed is the physical appearance, and only subsequently other less superficial characteristics. In the same way, entering someone’s office for the first time produces considerations, and not just about the aesthetic.

Approaches, tools and strategies to drive a brand and its story can be various, almost infinite. The thing is to be able to build up a coherent and reliable story using the right instruments in the most appropriate way. Are you doing that? If you are not sure, I’ll be glad to figure it out with you! 😉

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