Calgary Farmers' Market - advertising campaign

Have a fresh summer! [+ advertising campaign]

My blog is going on holiday and will return in September with new insights and fresh ideas, but I couldn’t leave you without a final input to share. It is an advertising campaign from Calgary Farmers’ Market, so coherent with my mood in this moment that it was impossible for me not to pick it for this occasion.

Pay with cans at McDonald! [ambient marketing]

Today I’m going to share an old - but too interesting to be forgotten - ambient marketing campaign that McDonald’s organised in Sweden a couple of years ago. The initiative was focused on empty drink cans that could be used as currency in every McDonald’s fast food. Empty cans to buy burgers, can you believe that? :D
Citroen - social campaign

This summer, be safe! [advertising campaign]

Some months ago, Citroën launched a social campaign against the “text and drive” attitude that many people have in common. The advert headline is simply “Tex and drive can be dangerous”, but the three visuals are related to a very powerful and amazingly creative metaphor. Curious? Keep reading... :)
Personal brand infographic - universal microexpressions

Universal microexpression

There are some things which one can distinguish from others, and around which it is possible to build a personal branding strategy, but there are other things where each is absolutely identical to all the others. This goes, for example, for some expressions - or rather microexpressions - which determine the "reading" of the emotions on a face from the interlocutors.