Personal brand infographic - universal microexpressions

Universal microexpression

There are some things which one can distinguish from others, and around which it is possible to build a personal branding strategy, but there are other things where each is absolutely identical to all the others. This goes, for example, for some expressions – or rather microexpressions – which determine the “reading” of the emotions on a face from the interlocutors.

Whatever a personal brand is, it is necessary to understand that changing the way of expressing some emotional reactions is impossible:

  • disgust will have tightened nostrils and pursed lips
  • happiness will bring a smile
  • contempt will appear as a tight-lipped mouth, slightly raised on one side
  • calm will relax all the muscles of the face
  • sadness will affect eyebrows or frown
  • anger will redden the face, harden the eyes, dilate the nostrils and tighten the jaw
  • fear will fling open the eyes dilating the pupils, bring in the eyebrows, stretch the lips by lifting the upper
  • surprise will raise and curve eyebrows by creating the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, open eyelids, allow the mouth to hang open

Personal brand infographic - universal microexpressions

What it is possible to do is react positively to situations getting to show the best part of emotions through gestures and non-verbal communication.
Tip: Be empathetic and relaxed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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