Calgary Farmers' Market - advertising campaign

Have a fresh summer! [+ advertising campaign]

My blog is going on holiday and will return in September with new insights and fresh ideas, but I couldn’t leave you without a final input to share. It is an advertising campaign from Calgary Farmers’ Market, so coherent with my mood in this moment that it was impossible for me not to pick it for this occasion.

Calgary Farmers’ Market have promoted the fact that the faire is open all the summer creating a very amusing and appealing advertising campaign with three different visuals and the same headline “Fresh All Summer”. To be honest, the main message is well presented, but quite banal: the brand aims just to underline that for the entire summer it will be possible to buy fresh vegetable and goods at the market.

Despite that, the campaign is catchy and funny and this is because of the powerful images included in the visuals: three different fruits largely peeled, but with some skin remaining that makes it possible to perceive and contextualise the pinapple, the kiwi and the watermelon in the middle of a hot summer holiday.

Calgary Farmers' Market - advertising campaign

Whit these inspiring pictures I’ll leave you and I wish you a fantastastic summer, mine will be fresh and relaxing. See you in September, then! 😉

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