Cotton awareness campaign

Relaunching “pure” fabrics: cotton and wool

Surfing the net in search of inspirational adverts to analyse, I bumped into a pair of commercials as interesting as they are “unusual”. They focus on wool and cotton as pure fabric and their collective trademark. The aim is to undeline all the positive characteristics of those materials and this goal is pursued launching a collective advertising campaign: a rarity these days. Do you want to watch them? Read more.
IKEA - advertising campaign

Price’s metaphor for IKEA

Usually, when one has the idea of renewing and refurnishing a room of his house, there is someone preoccupied with budget and expenses [somethimes they are the same person!]. Too often this means forgetting the idea and putting up with the old decor. With the aim to contrast this kind of attitude, IKEA has launched one of its latest advertising campaigns. A masterpiece of creativity. Have a look if you don’t believe me.
Vape - advertising campaign

In the UK I forget mosquitos, in Italy I have to remember Vape

Since I moved to Oxford, I have forgotten even the mere existence of mosquitos. When I went back to Italy last week-end, unfortunately they thought it would be nice to remind me of their presence, rabidly biting my ankles. It’s still itching. Next time I hope not to be so naive and be prepared to fight back against this kind of attack... maybe with Vape. Have a look at the straightforward advertising campaign...
Very Chocolate - packaging

Back-in-the-office blues? Try the chocolate cure

Very chocolate needed to acquire a stronger position in its market and to figure out a way to distinguish his product from all the other chocolate bars. To achieve its goal, the company has decided to focus on a new packaging and some powerful creativity launching the campaign named “The perfect cure for almost everything”.