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Back-in-the-office blues? Try the chocolate cure

Summer holidays are over for almost everyone. I know it’s sad. But we have to be strong and think about all the positive aspects of our jobs that let us enjoy our “work-life”. To help in difficult moments like this one, to get over the blues, chocolate can be really comforting [if you aren’t on a diet, at least!]. To stress the sweet healing power of chocolate, the Very chocolate brand has had a very smart idea. Are you curious? Read more!

Very chocolate needed to acquire a stronger position in its market and to figure out a way to distinguish his product from all the other chocolate bars. To achieve its goal, the company has decided to focus on a new packaging and some powerful creativity launching the campaign named “The perfect cure for almost everything”.

Counting on the “magic placebo effects” usually attributed to cacao and thanks to a simple redesign of the label, Very chocolate has been able to transform its bars of “unashamedly thick, rich, real chocolate made with 85% cacao” into all sorts of medicines and remedies for a variety of illnesses: from headache to fatigue, from depression to PMS, they have provided a cure for every taste. 😉
The launch of the new labels has been accompanied by press and outdoor adverts, ensuring visibility for the smart idea.

Very chocolate has been able to use a very delicate metaphor with wisdom and irony, reaching its goal and pampering its targets, giving them another good excuse to eat chocolate. A little change – the label – for a great result in terms of communication, don’t you think?

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