IKEA - advertising campaign

Price’s metaphor for IKEA

Usually, when one has the idea of renewing and refurnishing a room of his house, there is someone preoccupied with budget and expenses [somethimes they are the same person!]. Too often this means forgetting the idea and putting up with the old decor. With the aim to contrast this kind of attitude, IKEA has launched one of its latest advertising campaigns. A masterpiece of creativity. Have a look if you don’t believe me.

With this advertising campaign, IKEA has put together a variety of messages and values using just the right metaphors, lots of colours and its attention to details. The 5 subjects of the campaign are all based on a simple concept: to connect IKEA’s products and their price to small, cheap objects present in everyone’s daily life. The resulting visuals are amazing.

IKEA - advertising campaign

Thanks to the bright colours of the background and the pictured products, their contrast with the white colour used for the everyday object and the use of overlays, the campaign succeeds in highlighting the piece of furniture as protagonist of the advert, linking the product with the price of an inexpensive item and showing the exact price proportion. The typical IKEA label with the furniture data and the headline “It’s that affordable” complete the scene.

There is caring, joy, reassurance and creativity in this advertising campaign. And all our worries disappear – don’t you think?

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