Cotton awareness campaign

Relaunching “pure” fabrics: cotton and wool

Surfing the net in search of inspirational adverts to analyse, I bumped into a pair of commercials as interesting as they are “unusual”. They focus on wool and cotton as pure fabric and their collective trademark. The aim is to undeline all the positive characteristics of those materials and this goal is pursued launching a collective advertising campaign: a rarity these days. Do you want to watch them? Read more.

Today it seems to be almost impossible to find clothes made with pure cotton or pure wool, the two best known natural fibers. Apparently the production of clothes using artificial fabrics has to be cheaper or faster or simply trendier because cotton and wool lovers like me are having a really hard time trying to avoid man-made materials while shopping.

Probably wondering if a part of this problem is due to the fact that people aren’t often well informed about the differences between natural and artificial fabrics, the two collective brands have both decided to create a commercial to explain that – at least indirectly – the specific characteristics of wool and cotton.

Woolmark company went for a nice and easy to understand cartoon, very colorful and funny.

Cotton preferred to bet on a musical, with a slightly vintage soundtrack and a modern and young approach.

Great results, don’t you think?

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