Zespri - brand entertainment

Ode to kiwi

Zespri presents “Sweeter than you think”. The kiwi company, in fact, has dedicated and launched a surprising advertising campaign that could be seen also as a perfect example of brand entertainment: a musical focus on kiwis and their contradictory characteristics. Curious? Keep reading! :D
IKEA - value added service

IKEA and the indelible receipts

Usually, if you keep a receipt, even if you’re really careful, the delicate ticket is going to fade until it becomes impossible to read any of its information. IKEA, paladin of practicality, has launched a new kind of receipt for its more durable items with longer warranty: Stäl Kvitto.
ANZ Women - advertising campaign

Inspiring an equal future

We are living in a world that isn’t fair. According to a variety of research and reports ours is still a world in which women don’t have the same opportunity as men. ANZ women has lauched an inspiring advertising campaign with the aim “to highlight the need for systems to better support women”. One of its commercials was shortlisted at Cannes Lions 2016.
McDonald's - branded content

A mobile charging service in McDonald’s style

McDonald’s seems to be continuously looking for new opportunities to please its targets. This time I was attracted by their idea to present and advertise the new free phone charging service using a special animated graphic.