ANZ Women - advertising campaign

Inspiring an equal future

We are living in a world that isn’t fair. According to a variety of research and reports ours is still a world in which women don’t have the same opportunity as men. ANZ women has lauched an inspiring advertising/social campaign with the aim “to highlight the need for systems to better support women”. One of its commercials was shortlisted at Cannes Lions 2016.

ANZ – if I understand correctly – is an Australian bank, a financial company that has given itself a specific goal: help women to succed in a society built for men. To achieve that goal they are promoting “a range of initiatives to inspire, educate and assist women and to encourage other organisations to explore what they can do to help build an equal future” using an inspiring advertising campaign. Watch the video to know more.


Here kids are the future’s metaphor, but also a “pure” point of view in looking at things. I don’t know exactly what the plans of ANZ women are and how they think to develop these plans, but certainly the values expressed by the videos should inspire us and be included in everyone’s vision of a better society, one that should be more open-minded, more inclusive and – above all – more equal. Don’t you think?

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