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Ode to kiwi

Zespri presents “Sweeter than you think”. The kiwi company, in fact, has dedicated and launched a surprising advertising campaign that could be seen also as a perfect example of brand entertainment: a musical focus on kiwis and their contradictory characteristics. Curious? Keep reading! 😀

“Sweeter than you think” is one of the latest advertising campaigns created by Zespri. A two minute musical commercial with an unbelieveble protagonist: the kiwi. Apparently rough macho men with a tender heart singing in falsetto are the supporting actors of this apparently ugly and frightening fruit. A masterpiece of irony and good entertainment, as well as fantastic dancers. Watch the video if you don’t believe me.


Great quote from “Taxi Driver” at the beginning of the scene and inspiring presentation of kiwi’s strengths: after this amazing two minutes musical, won’t you reconsider? Definitely, don’t you think?

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