GoSeek- advertising campaign

Avoiding wrong savings

The latest advertising campaign created and lauched by GoSeek – a website that focuses on aggregating and promoting discounted hotels – has made me smile. The campaign, in fact, is composed of two very smart commercials focused on the comparison between right and wrong ways of saving money while purchasing goods.

Quite obviously, the right savings presented in GoSeek’s advertising campaign are related to the purchase of hotel’s rooms on their website, saving 30% of the money: a “good cheap” – so they call it in the commercials – to which it would be unwise to give up. On the other side, the so-called “bad cheap” in the form of almost rancid meat or a not-so-safe swing: two different experiences not at all pleasant, both related to a way of saving that everyone should avoid.


GoSeek, with this advertising campaign, communicates its message in a very simple but no less effective way. Thanks to the use of 2D cartoon animation and plain colours, even stylistically the audiovisual content is easy to process and enjoy. The result is a nice and easy to understand output that will probably make the majority of the viewers laugh, don’t you think?

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