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Stabilo helps you with the social networks’ privacy policy

Surfing the Net, I’ve bumped into a suggestive video created by Stabilo, the brand specialising in producing highlighters of every possible colour. This video has been made with the aim of presenting a value added service offered by Sabilo: an add-on and app called “True colours”.

Considering the fact that no one ever reads the entire text of a privacy policy when opening a social network account, and aiming to increase the online presence and value of its products strongly related with offline experiences, Stabilo have had the great idea to underline the usefullness of its highliters using a web tool.

The add-on means to help you read and understand the social networks’ privacy policy, in fact, when added to a browser, it has the function to mark for the user the main and most important passages of the endless privacy policy aggreements linked to every social network’s account: green for noteworthy, yellow for questionable, red for critical. Have a look at the video to better understand Stabilo’s value added service!

Fantastic idea, absolutely in line with the brand identity and the core business of Stabilo, don’t you think?

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