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[Un]bearable collegue [McDonald’s]

Almost everyone has a messy collegue, someone who seems to be a compulsive accumulator of pens, folders and other kinds of small office objects; someone who is capable of amassing tons of paper; someone whose desk is more similar to a barricade than a workstation.

Well, if you are thinking of fighting with your messy collegue, if you are planning to finally explode telling them how awful and unbearable the situation is, before performing your plan, McDonald’s would like to suggest you watch one of its advertising campaigns and maybe following the advice. 😉

Do you like the McDonald’s commercial? I think it’s funny. It’s a nice way to support all the messy collegues, inviting them to at least be understanding and very generous. It’s a gentle way to let you remember how to tolerate your messy colleague focusing on all the little but unforgettable gestures they devise to lighten your days and their weaknesses. It is also a very smart way to propose the brand Macdonald’s as a gift to share in the office, don’t you think?

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