Anz - advertising campaign

Mobile payments and personal creativity

In order to launch their new value added service consisting of the possibility to pay using a mobile phone, Anz have created an amusing advertising campaign developed around three “extreme” case histories and the headline “You’ll be taking it for granted in no time”.

The entertaining campaign aims to highlight how Anz’s mobile payment works and its main strengths: flexibility, practicality and ease of use. To underline these characteristics, Anz have used the storytelling technique picturing some “strange” and funny situations in which the characters mix the use of technology with their own creativity and surprise the people around them. The headline “You’ll be taking it for granted in no time”, then, suggests to the viewer the “right” perspective making a sort of call-to-action to try out the new implemented payment method that would soon become a habit.


Impossible to forget, very enjoyable, funny and well structured: a very good way to promote a new value added service for Anz, don’t you think?

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