Travel Supermarket - advertising campaign

Need a holiday?

I can’t speak for you, but I certainly need a holiday! This is probably one of the reasons why I noticed this advertising campaign created by Travel Supermarket. The brand’s commercial is focused on a sort of experiment based on the ubiquity concept… Keep reading to better understand!

Travel Supermarket have produced a very entertaining long commercial with the aim to push their potential customers to take a vacation and book a trip. The suggested destination is one of the marvellous places in which you can have sun even if it’s winter, such as Jamaica, because – as they affirm – “Winter is horrible… work is worse [in winter]”. If you cannot ask your office for a vacation, apparently Travel Supermarket is able to provide a “holiday double” and make you ubiquitous… at least in Jenna’s case… but if I was Jenna I would have some concern about the “double” professionalism, perhaps before leaving…

I hope that Jenna got her job back and wasn’t fired after her Jamaican holiday [next time, Jenna, consider checking the skills of your “double” before going on holiday!]. Anyway, I’ve always dreamed of having a double to share the workload with during the most stressful periods, so for me the commercial deserves a “thumbs up”: inspiring, even if the script and the rhythm of its storytelling would have benefitted from a final dash. Don’t you think?

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