Alibi Bar & Uber - business card

Useful business card for Uber and Alibi Bar

What have you planned for New Years Eve? Dancing? Dinner with your closest friends? A trip to a place you’ve never been to? In any case remember that if you are going to drink – and you are, aren’t you? 😉 – you must avoid driving after. With the aim to help you decide if the moment to forget your car and call for a lift has arrived, Uber have created their new business card and direct marketing campaign in partnership with Alibi Bar. Have a look to know more!

Very aware of the risk everyone takes by drinking and driving, Uber and Alibi Bar have decided to develop a special business card for their target market. The card has a triple function: promoting the Uber service, advertising the Alibi Bar and – at the same time – allowing people to test their alcohol level.

Nice graphic design and a very useful added function make these business cards a great direct marketing campaign, don’t you think?

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