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Jeep and their “climbing” target

A very sharp – even if a bit old – direct marketing campaign has been organised by Jeep for their Russian market. With the aim to engage new potential customers and persuade them to participate in a test drive, Jeep have created a useful gadget for their adventurous prospects: a jeep-shaped carabiner.

Jeep have linked their brand to the concept and value of “adventure” since forever. For some people adventure is synonymous with exploring places that are difficult to reach, climbing up to them, for example. Following this idea and aiming to convince people that – as the headline asserts – “There are easier ways to get there”, Jeep have created their carabiner gadget, then distributed it to stores specialising in sports equipment. Have a look at the video to know the results of this smart direct marketing campaign.

It seems it has been a fruitful promotional activity for Jeep, don’t you think?

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