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Kitchen testing vs. Dining out [IKEA]

Russia, like the majority of European countries, has been going through a period of economic crisis that has lowered the purchasing power of lots of people forcing them to decrease their less functional spending choices, such as dining out. To help them and to give them a nice alternative to the restaurant or café without quitting their dine-out experience, IKEA have organised a marvellous ambient marketing campaign named “Instead of café”.

For the “Instead of café” ambient marketing campaign, IKEA has created some pop-up showroom in which it is possible to book one of the kitchens of the exhibition and use it for inviting family members and friends to have dinner together. Watch the video, if you don’t believe me! 😉


With this smart campaign based on lateral thinking mixed with social responsibility, IKEA have found an innovative and surprising way to let their potential customers test and try their products having fun, so creating a memorable brand experience. Don’t you think?

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