Miami Ad School - McDonald's proposal

You don’t eat it, they don’t waste it [Miami AD School]

How many times have you ordered something in a restaurant requesting it be served without one or more of the ingredients? Lots, I guess. Miami Ad School have had the idea to transform this common practice in “Take it off!”, a value added service in which they hope to involve McDonald’s.

The strategy is related with the brand interest to work on their social responsibility and so increase their reputation in a humanitarian way. Miami Ad School, in fact, have created “Take it off!” with the aim of reducing food waste, please the clients and help those in need. To reach that, the idea is that McDonald’s should allow their clients to remove from burgers the ingredients they don’t like or can’t eat, then donate the cost of those ingredients in order to feed less fortunate people.

A nice idea, very creative, even if I’m not sure that would be possible to realise involving fast food like McDonald’s, but it’s certainly compatible with other less standardised businesses, don’t you think?

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