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Cooking a rainbow [Lurpak]

Have you ever tried to cook a rainbow? Lurpak shows you how it’s possible to do so using one of their old commercials. The brand, in fact, when it launched the lightest version of its spreadable butter, have created a joyful advertising campaign focused on the use of the new product on a “rainbow” of vegetables.

Lurpak’s advertising campaign for the launch of the new version of their spreadable butter, the lightest one, is a triumph of colour and rhythm. The entertaining and cheerful branded content expresses – along with the positive mood which should always accompany the cooking activity, the enormous variety of uses the Lurpak product can have letting the viewer imagine how much tastier the dishes would be.

The soundtrack and the narrator/singer have a very important role in the commercial, but the main character remains the butter and all the green or otherwise coloured vegetables are the chorus. All together they allow the viewer to feel empathetic, keep watching and ultimately enjoy, don’t you think?

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