Infra Suisse - advertising campaign

Building a better society, together

A society is made of people, but also of the services – and the related quality of lifestyle – that are provided by public and private organisations for the community. Infra Suisse, an organisation which brings together companies active in the field of infrastructure construction, in order to communicate their role in the industry and their commitment to building a society with high standards of living, has decided to use an interesting advertising campaign.

Playful, colourful, but also very clear, the Infra Suisse advertising campaign is focused on the same kind of visual thoughout for three different types of infrastructure: roads, railways and networks. The visual, in fact, represents each time a different set of iconic objects and instruments related to the construction industry having the shape of those old plastic toys that were sold all connected to each other in a frame and that any kid had to take apart before playing with them.

The use of heritage marketing theories to choose this “vintage-ish” visual makes Infra Suisse able to link the message to the childhood of today’s senior managers, reminding them of the period of their life when sharing activities and ideas made things more interesting and enjoyable. Infra Suisse aim to recreate that environment in a professional way, “providing the framework” in which different companies of infrastructure construction work together.

Infra Suisse - advertising campaign

For once, a good example of creativity used to simplify and communicate a complex message in the construction industry. Don’t you think?

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