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Recycling is important, especially in a world in which huge amounts of waste are produced daily. It’s possible and appropriate to recycle a great variety of materials [plastic, paper, wood, metals…] and to re-shape them creating something new; it’s good practice, when possible, to fix home appliances instead of changing them at the first opportunity; it’s as useful and trendy to recuperate old or just second-hand objects reinventing their function…

The less enchanting and exciting type of recycling is – at least apparently – the reuse of food waste. Nevertheless, The Waste Factory has succeeded – thanks to their products and packaging – in giving a new life to food waste in ways that are tasty on one hand and appealing on the other.

The Waste Factory, in fact, produce soups from unwanted and unloved vegetables that could have been thrown away. Then, in order to stress the attention of the supermarket’s audience on the food recycling issue, the brand have also managed to transform “the waste of the food waste” in gorgeously coloured inks and used for personalising labels and packaging. A triumph of joy and powerful nuances, a success from the second life of beetroots, spinach, pumpkin and their friends.

Recycling is a matter of creativity, of lateral thinking, that can give us almost infinite possibilities of reuse… and business, don’t you think?

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