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Inspired by people, as usual, IKEA have developed a powerful and hugely creative web campaign. Starting from some of the most asked questions and search queries on Google, the brand have started to answer in their own way: with cleverness, a bit of irony, the deep knowledge of technology and… products. Are you curious? Read more!

IKEA have had the idea to intercept many of Google’s questions and little problems about relationships, then they have renamed their products with the same words used for the online query. The single product chosen to be linked to a specific online research has to be viewed as the IKEA’s help and contribution to solve that relationship issue, or at least as a way to get people laughing about that. SEO and Adwords have done the rest. 😉


Another success for IKEA, a smart and sharp web campaign that has gone viral all over the world obtaining fantastic results and lots of laughs. Don’t you think?

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